Lift Up Your Face

Lift Up Your Face

Lift up the light of Your face upon us, O Lord! Psalm 4:6

Healthy Christians not only have a desire to get answers to prayer, but to consistently encounter the face of God.

Frequently, the Psalmist prays explicitly for God to make His face shine. This prayer is never asking for God’s omnipresence; it is always asking for God’s manifest presence. Point blank, the omnipresence of God has no face. God loves to manifest His presence to those who want His presence. Part of the activity of the prevenient grace of God in prayer is to stir in us the heart cry to encounter God’s manifest presence.

Do you desire to see God’s face? If so, that desire within you is itself the work of God. God put that desire inside you, and He intends to fulfill it.

Psalm 4:6 is both a prayer and a promise you can take to the bank of heaven and make your withdrawal today.

Father God, I cry out to You in all sincerity—lift up the light of Your face upon us today, O Lord.

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This daily Christ-encountering, fire-starter is not intended to replace your daily Bible reading and prayer time, but rather to motivate you to spend extended time in His presence.
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