Our Story

How it all started...

Our parent ministry, the College of Prayer, was founded in 1997 by Rev. Fred Hartley and three other pastors who were mentored by Rev. Armin Gesswein. Since our beginning we have seen significant growth throughout the world. We are now ministering in over 171 nations where we are actively mentoring, training, and equipping more than 30 million Christians.

Our past and future are connected deeply to the need to mentor, train and equip Upper Room disciples and to see every church become a "house of prayer for all nations" (Isaiah 56:7; Mark 11:17).

It is in the Upper Room where we encounter God's presence, where we are filled by the Holy Spirit, and where we are sent forth as empowered disciples to reach a lost world.
Fred Hartley Preaching

Expanding the vision...

Revival Now is a network of global ministries impacting millions of people around the world. By the grace of God we are seeing revival in individuals, families, churches, villages, cities, and even whole nations. Bringing revival to the Church and spiritual awakening to the world is our mandate.

Revival Now provides online and onsite events throughout the year through our network of global ministries. We also provide numerous free resources for churches, small groups, and families to encounter Christ and grow in intimacy with the Father through a vibrant, spirit-empowered prayer life.

Where we are headed...

Our network of global ministries continues to grow rapidly, impacting individuals, families, and churches large and small. Our 5-year mandate is to bring revival and spiritual awakening to every nation on earth by 2025 through our events, spiritual-formation processes, and media channels.

You can be part of the story by sharing our resources, praying, and giving. Experience revival now in your own life today!