Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Mission

Revival Now Media is part of a global movement known as the College of Prayer that prepares, mentors, trains, and equips millions of believers around the world in Christ-encountering prayer and outreach. Through onsite and online events, video resources, and printed materials we are leading people to a fresh encounter with Christ and equipping them to live lives empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our ultimate mission is to reach a lost world through a revived church!

The Vision

Our network of global ministries continues to grow rapidly, impacting individuals, families, and churches large and small. Our 5-year mandate is to bring revival and spiritual awakening to every nation on earth by 2025 through our events, spiritual-formation processes, and media channels.

Our 5-year mandate is to ready the Church in every nation to:
Receive the reviving presence of Christ.
Reach the final unreached people in their region.
Be ready for the return of Christ.