Revival in the British Isles

Revival in the British Isles

On this day, May 22, in the Year of our Lord 1662, Richard Baxter preached at St. Bride’s Church in Blackfriars, England. He stood at the pulpit and invited the manifest presence of Christ. God came. The visitation from Heaven was powerful. From that day forward until Baxter’s death in 1691, churches all across the British Isles experienced unusual revival, deep repentance, and confession of sin. The move of God was so deep, it resulted in a lifestyle of holiness and devotion to Christ.

Despite his success and frequent visitations from heaven, Baxter endured severe persecution. He was imprisoned three times, his Christian library was taken and burned, and at seventy years of age he was left destitute. He nevertheless remained faithful, and throughout his life he continued to preach people into the manifest presence of God.

On this day, we desperately need to re-dig this righteous well of revival—don’t you think!

Father God, today anoint my pastor afresh. And raise up Christ-exalting preachers in my country to bring the manifest presence of Christ.

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