One God, Three Persons

One God, Three Persons

Being therefore exalted at the right hand of God and having received from the Father the promise of the Holy Spirit, He has poured out this, that you yourselves are seeing and hearing.  Acts 2:33

It is essential that when you pray you understand who you are talking with. You are talking with none other than the One True God whose Son is Jesus Christ. Affirming the Trinity is essential to any healthy prayer life.

The Bible is full of Trinitarian scripture. Acts 2:33 is one such example. When Christ was exalted to the right hand of the Father, He was given the Holy Spirit to pour out on the church. What a dynamic picture of the tri-unity of God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Declaring the exaltation of one God, three persons is vital for every life-giving prayer.

Father God, today I declare in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my devotion to You—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Father, I receive from You now the infilling of Your Holy Spirit, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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This daily Christ-encountering, fire-starter is not intended to replace your daily Bible reading and prayer time, but rather to motivate you to spend extended time in His presence.
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