Defeating the Orphan Spirit

Defeating the Orphan Spirit

But you have received the Spirit of adoption…by whom we cry, ‘Abba! Father!’ Romans 8:15

Breaking off the orphan spirit is nothing you can accomplish through your efforts; Christ accomplishes it for you.

The orphan spirit is easy to recognize—it is a spirit of fear, poverty, rejection, pain, abuse, dishonor, curses and insecurity.

When you are born again you receive your full birthright with all privileges and blessings. Instantly, you receive the spirit of adoption and you have, for the first time, the right to call God, Daddy.  What an honor! This is a privilege you do not want to forfeit.

You don’t defeat the orphan spirit by trying harder. It’s actually the orphan spirit that tells you that you need to work harder. God, however, says to you the opposite. Just as a child doesn’t earn its birthright, it simply receives it, so, too, you simply receive the Holy Spirit of adoption. When you do, you immediately cry, ‘Daddy, Father, God,’ because you know deep down you are His.

This is the truth and don’t let any religious demon tell you otherwise.

Loving Daddy, I am Yours! Praise You for my adoption with all rights and privileges, in Jesus’ Name.

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