New York City Ablaze

New York City Ablaze
 "Declare His glory among the nations."  Psalm 96:3

On this day, March 20, in the year of our Lord 1858, Burton’s Theater in New York City, New York, was filled with the manifest presence of Christ. Three thousand people were miraculously converted in a single service. What a day!

Henry Ward Beecher had been invited to preach. He was known for his emphasis on the love of Christ in every message. He had said, “I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love.” In addition to being a great communicator, he was also a social activist and strong advocate for the abolition of slavery. He would go on to be called, “the most famous man in America.” On this day, he was the preacher who brought the Word of God in New York City and brought the people of God into His presence.

Take time right now to pray for God’s manifest presence to revisit New York City. Pray for a visitation of God’s manifest presence to your city, also.

Father God, today, I declare Your glory among the people living in New York City. Won’t You, once again, melt hearts in the blazing reality of the love of God in Christ?

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