Saint Patrick on Fire

Saint Patrick on Fire

"Shall a land be born in one day?"  Isaiah 66:8

It is unfortunate Saint Patrick is known only for shamrocks, leprechauns and tall drafts of beer. While history has forgotten the important facts, it is time for us to recover the real story. 
Patrick was born in England, not Ireland. When he was 16 years of age, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and held captive for four years. After he escaped God appeared to him in a dream and told him to forgive his captors and to return back to Ireland where he would serve them as a missionary.

History shows that he led 120,000 people to faith in Christ and planted 365 churches. He saw countless miracles, led many through deliverance, wrote many hymns and lead the nation in revival for 30 years.
When a Druid witch tried to curse Patrick, Patrick was not intimidated. In fact, though Patrick never touched him, the witch was supernaturally thrown 15 feet in the air. When the king of England, King Leogaire learned of this, he repented and came to Christ, opening up all of Ireland to the gospel.

St. Patrick's Day is a great day to ask Christ to change a nation in a day.

Lord Jesus, would you change our nation in a day? Would you use me?

Father God, right now I receive an infilling of Your Holy Spirit in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Lead me now in worship.

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