Control Central

Control Central

"They went up to the upper room where they were staying."  Acts 1:13

Control central in the entire universe is not in Washington, D.C. -- nor is it in the Oval Office nor on Capitol Hill. It is not the Ayatollah in Iran, nor the Kremlin in Russia, nor the Parliament in England, nor the European Union. The New Testament shows us that control central in the entire universe is the upper room in heaven from which God carries out His will through the upper room on earth.

When Christ went to His upper room in heaven, He sent His disciples to their upper room on earth. The upper room is the closest place we get to heaven while still on earth.

When Christ got to His upper room in heaven, He received the Holy Spirit. When the disciples got to their upper room on earth, they received the Holy Spirit.

Christ gathered His disciples into the upper room and filled them with His Holy Spirit. Then He thrust them forth on mission from the upper room in order to fulfill His mission on earth. The upper room was the crown jewel and highest accomplishment of Christ’s discipleship ministry. In all too many churches, the upper room is the flagrant omission. It’s time to repent.

Father God, today I repent of neglecting the upper room. On behalf of myself and my local church, teach me to rebuild Your upper room, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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