The Law of Revival

The Law of Revival

"I will send Him to you, and He will convict the world."  John 16:7

On this day, March 10, in the year of our Lord 2001, Armin Gesswein died. Today we honor the one whom many people called, “the apostle of the modern prayer movement.” He was a mentor to so many, including Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ; Billy Graham; Henrietta Mears; Chuck Smith, founder of Calvary Chapel; and Ted Engstrom, former President of World Vision. 

Armin gave us the law of revival based on John 16:7: “I will send Him [the Holy Spirit] to you, and He will convict the world.” God’s law of revival breaks down this way. 

When Christians repent, sinners will repent. 

When the Holy Spirit convicts Christians of sin, non-Christians will also repent of their sin. 

When Christians feel a deeper need for the Holy Spirit, non-Christians will feel a deeper need for Christ. 

When revival is strong in the church, evangelism will be strong in the world. 

When Christians wake up (revival), non-Christians will wake up (evangelism).

Lord Jesus, today I welcome the law of revival. Bring repentance. Make me aware of my need for the Holy Spirit. Bring revival to Your church that leads to the advancement of Your kingdom, in Jesus’ Name.

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