Fastest Fasting

Fastest Fasting

Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and He will say, “Here I am.” Isaiah 58:9

If you are dreading your extended fast, you are focused on the wrong thing. You need to stop and change your perspective. Yes, it is true that you will abstain from solid food, but what you are giving up is not worth comparing to what you will be receiving from God.

The biggest misconception about fasting is that we are sacrificing something in order to earn something from God.  This thought is a complete discredit to God and a misunderstanding of fasting.

The kingdom of God operates exclusively on grace. Grace means we do not get the judgment and condemnation we deserve, but we receive all blessings by God’s goodness, which we do not deserve. Fasting is intended not to pay off God with a bribe, but to freely receive from the storehouse of His grace.

Why then are we skipping meals? It’s simple—we fast because we are more hungry for His presence and His breakthrough than we are for food. In addition, we become more spiritually perceptive, discerning, and receptive during times of fasting. As we deny our bodily appetites, we stir up heightened sensitivity to God’s Holy Spirit. Get ready to hear God speak to you more clearly.

Father God, I am in a three-point stance looking forward to this season of fasting. I am focused not on the food from which I will abstain, but on the blessings I will be graciously receiving from Your bountiful supply.

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This daily Christ-encountering, fire-starter is not intended to replace your daily Bible reading and prayer time, but rather to motivate you to spend extended time in His presence.
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