Gathering Kingdom

Gathering Kingdom

“The kingdom of heaven is like a net that was thrown into the sea and gathered fish of every kind.”
Matthew 13:47

The kingdom of God travels along relational lines.

The devil scatters; Jesus gathers.

Some people are polarizing, and some are gathering. The difference between the two  is often the pressure or advance of the kingdom.

The greater the kingdom influence, the greater the supernatural gathering together of people.
Whenever God raises up a kingdom-advancing movement, he manifests his kingdom activity by increasing his gathering anointing and the movement.

Jesus compared the kingdom of God to a net for many reasons.
The kingdom of God is a gathering force.
The kingdom of God gathers people together with no regard of pedigree or distinctions.
The kingdom of God is itself a well-woven network of relationships.

The kingdom of God is right now gathering people to Christ from every nation, tribe, language group, and ethnicity.

Loving Father, I declare your kingdom, gathering net over me, my family, and over the nations of the world in Jesus’ name.

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