Kingdom First Seeking

Kingdom First Seeking

“But seek first the kingdom of God.”
Matthew 6:33

Only first-seekers become kingdom-receivers— and for good reason.
A first-seeker is one who values the kingdom of Christ above all things. A second-seeker is one who values the kingdom among many things.

A second-seeker of the kingdom obviously does not understand the value of the kingdom, and God will not give his pearls to pigs.

First-seekers are single-minded, whole-hearted, all-in people who value the kingdom of Christ above all things, and they are promised kingdom-receiving.

First-seekers are also usually early-seekers, often-seekers, and consistent-seekers.
The more you seek the kingdom, the more you receive, because in the kingdom the seekers are the receivers.

And that is a promise.

Loving Father, I declare myself to be a first-seeker of your kingdom. I am in love with Jesus. I want your kingdom rule and reign in my life in Jesus’ name.

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